Turn-Key Machine Shop in Houston

Start to Finish Production: Pre-Machining, Welding, & Finishing + Inventory Solutions

Machine Shop

We are a full service machine shop, specializing in turn-key production machining for beginning to end delivery of a finished-to-spec product. Our ISO Compliant QC ensures ultra-high quality.


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We offer customized inventory solutions. We can keep your finished parts on hand, maintain raw materials for on-demand customization, or produce within your JIT requirements.


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We serve a variety of industries including oil and gas, aerospace, medical, construction, automotive, manufacturing, and more. Learn how we can help your business today.


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We are ISO Compliant and our quality assurance policy meets the ANSI/ANSQC Q91 standard, ensuring our services meet or exceed our customers' needs and specifications.


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+ Pre-Machining, Welding, and Finishing In-House
+ Unparalleled commitment to quality
+ Speedy quotes when time is of the essence
+ Ability to manufacture virtually anything for any industry
+ Trusted by leading companies in a wide array of industries