Quality Assurance Policy Statement

MORGAN PERFORMANCE, INC. has a commitment of quality to our customers and to the services that we provide to meet or exceed our customers’ needs and specifications in the many services we provide in a timely manner.

Our Quality Assurance Policy meets the ANSI/ANSQC Q91 standard and we are ISO 9001:2015 Compliant.

We are committed to transparency and accountability in our Quality Assurance Program. The information below will give you more insight into our quality commitment and how we implement it.

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Our Quality Assurance policy sets requirements for establishing and maintaining a quality assurance program to instruct and control the quality of work we implement at MORGAN PERFORMANCE, INC., and to inform our customers what guidelines are followed to assure product quality.

Management’s Responsibility

Appointed by the President of MORGAN PERFORMANCE INC., our Quality Assurance Manager is accountable to establish, implement, and maintain a Quality Assurance Program that is understood throughout all aspects of our company structure.

We address quality objectives relevant to:

  • Identifying, documenting and initiating procedures to alleviate nonconforming products
  • Documentation and maintenance of implemented solutions
  • Regulating installation, delivery of further processing of nonconforming product until the found occurrence has been corrected and/or dispositioned

We document verification activities and requirements on the levels of design, production, human resources, inspections and tests.


Our Quality Assurance Program is reviewed annually by management to ensure its continuing adherence to standards. In addition to this annual formal review, the policy is constantly reviewed  through ongoing established procedures including but not limited to internal audits and management reviews.