Strengthening & Friction Reduction

We offer hardbanding (hard surfacing) for your parts or products based on your specifications or requirements. Hardbanding may be a good solution if you have a unique challenge related to weight, friction, usable life, or budget. Depending upon your application you can expect multiple benefits, such as:

  • Longer usable life of component(s)
  • Reduced friction
  • Reduced wear to adjacent or contact components
  • Allowed use of lighter weight components
  • Reduced cost by using less expensive primary metal

There are multiple surfacing and treatment options for hardbanding services. The best depends upon your application and goals. Call us at 281-370-2465 or contact us online to discuss your project’s specifications and get a quote.

Commonly Used for Energy Applications

When in need of state of the art hardening for drilling equipment subject to downhole abrasion, oil and gas companies — large and small — have all called on Morgan Performance. Through our specialized systems for applying high-hardness metals (such as tough tungsten carbide overlays) or high-toughness smoothbanding alloys to a wide variety of drilling equipment, we help our customers improve downhole performance and part life.

Using specialized welding or other metallurgical processes, we hardband stabilizers, drill collars, flights, tool joints, and heavy weight pipe to protect the casing and drill string components from the wear caused by abrasion during drilling. This extends operating time of the parts and increases the bottom line.

What is Hardbanding?

We find that the option of hardbanding is new to some clients or simply misunderstood. According to the Petroleum Industry Glossary:

Hardbanding is the process of laying on a coating or surface of [super-hard metal] on a [softer metal part] at a point or on an area of severe wear or abrasion – putting a hard surface on a softer metal by welding or other metallurgical process.

Hard-surfacing a part is a practical solution when it is impractical or prohibited by structural constraints to simply manufacture the part from the harder metal. While many types of equipment can be hard-surfaced, “hardbanding” is the term given to hard-surfacing drill.

New Part Hardbanding or Re-Surfacing

We handle any type of hardbanding or hard facing need including:

  • New Parts Hardbanding
  • Used Parts, or Re-Surfacing / Re-Application
  • Any Location on the parts you need

If you need a unique hardbanding or surfacing solution, call us at 281-370-2465 or contact us online to discuss your needs.